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There is no better way to promote your business then through Videography, stand out from your competition and capture your vision with us.

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Are you having a night to remember? There is no better way to re live your favorite memories then through a carefully choreographed video. Let us make it a special day.

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Whether you need videography for your Instagram, or a simple project, let us take care of you with a quality video.


frequently asked questions

Cost isn’t defined by the length or duration of the video.

It’s more the complexity of the production and edit that determines the cost of a video as explained when we compare two ‘talking-head’ style 3-minute videos:

1. Piece-to-camera three-minute video — a straightforward shoot without any cutaways or b-roll footage will cost less than …

2. A three-minute interview, cut down down from 30 minutes, and edited with cutaway footage to create a story with visual impact.

The number of videos you require within the one project can influence the cost per video. However it depends on the production type.

A collection of training videos is a good example:

The first video is going to take some time to create. Setting up for the shoot can sometimes take longer than the shoot itself.

In post-production there are titles, text and graphics to style. However, once we have the first video signed off, we can use that sequence as a template for the others which means the following videos are much faster to produce.

Because every video is different, we will have to talk about your project and your objectives to give you an indication as to how long a it will take to produce your video. To help answer your question, we could look at example videos that we have produced to indicate how long it takes to produce a video.

Our videography kit includes:

  • Multi-camera interview shoots
  • Lighting
  • External audio
  • Autocue/teleprompte 
  • Drone/aerial footage
  • Time lapse
  • Gimbal (steady cam) footage
  • Cine lenses.